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Current Conditions for Osseo, MN

ADB provides ground thawing equipment and services. We have two portable ground thawing machines which can thaw up to approximately 5,000 SF of area per set up, depending upon layout and configuration. We can rent the machine for your use or handle it completly for you with setup, hose layout, blanket rental, monitoring and fueling of the machine. The machines run on standard diesel fuel and needs only a 110 electrical service to run the pump. Other notable features:

  • Flexible heating hoses can be laid out in any configuration
  • Up to 5000 square feet per application
  • Thawing depth up to 1' per day (depending upon conditions)
  • No open flame
  • No CO2 discharge problems
  • No dangerous fumes
  • Environmentally safe biodegradable anti-freeze system

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